Over and under watering can cause various symptoms and even slow down the growth of marijuana plants. It all comes down to knowing how to read your plants and find the sweet spot.

Let’s see how to recognize and solve these problems, paying attention also to the importance of water quality. It is advisable to take into account the pH of the water and the light, especially in the flowering phase.

When it comes to obtaining a successful and bountiful harvest, there are several factors involved. Lighting, fertilization, air flow and humidity play a very important role in the optimal growth and vitality of a marijuana crop. But water is one of the most important aspects for marijuana plants to grow healthy and strong.

But the truth is that watering the plants is much more complicated than that. Watering cannabis plants is a balancing act that takes time and practice to perfect. Too much water can cause serious problems for plants, as well as obstructing oxygen uptake. At the other end of the spectrum, a water shortage could result in extremely arid conditions that leave plants thirsty, causing them to wilt.

We are going to see how to recognize if we are watering the plants too much or insufficiently, and how to solve it.


Overwatering is a very easy mistake to make when growing cannabis seeds, and it is most likely caused by the belief that plants need constant doses of water. It’s a trap newbies often fall into.

Cannabis plants use their root system to breathe, as well as to absorb water, and if it is constantly flooded, they will end up drowning.

One of the main symptoms of overwatering is drooping leaves, but not in the way that is seen when there is a shortage of water, where they appear to be wilted. In fact, it is the opposite.

The leaves are so full of water that they are forced to curve in on themselves, which also results in great firmness.In addition, the growth rate of plants with excessive watering slows down dramatically, and could even stop almost completely.

This is due to the anaerobic conditions that appear due to a lack of accessible oxygen for the root system.Another symptom that we are watering the plants more than necessary is the yellowing of the leaves. It is a sign that there is a nutritional problem, which is a side effect of overwatering.

If you experience any of these symptoms with your plants and you think it is due to excessive watering, it is best to start watering them less frequently.

Wait for the top layer of soil to appear and be dry to the touch before watering again. A very useful test is to put the index finger in the ground up to the first knuckle; if it comes out dry, water.

Also, make sure all plants have adequate drainage, and that water doesn’t collect too much at the bottom of the pots or containers in which they are planted. Excess water should flow out of the pots, leaving the soil moist but not soggy.

excees watering marijuana


  1. Lack of watering cannabis plants appear weak and lifeless, showing signs of wilting, but it is not surprising that they take on this aspect, as water plays a vital role in the physiology of the plant. Marijuana wilt from lack of watering is different from overwatering – albeit in a very subtle way. The leaves will be very brittle and brittle, and will even have a papery consistency.
  2. They will appear dull and dull. Another symptom of the lack of irrigation is an extremely dry and arid environment.
  3. Lack of water occurs when growers are not meeting the needs of the plants. Without a sufficient amount of water, the root system will dry out, which could reduce both plant growth and yields. Make sure to water your plants when the top layer of soil has dried. If you wait longer it could have detrimental effects.
  4. Something that can also cause a water shortage is using the wrong pot size at different stages of growth. For example, if you grow a seedling in a large pot, you could be reducing the chances that it will absorb enough water, because its tiny root system will not have a chance to capture it before it drains.
  5. We provide you with some tips to properly water your marijuana plants.

Excess-and-deficiency-of-watering in marijuana

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