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Caramellow Kush, is a feminized variety, with an indica predominance and a parental ancestry of 75% indica / 25% sativa. Autoflowering is a high yielding plant.

  • Feminized.
  • indicates.
  • compact plant.
  • Strong and aromatic.
  • High performance.
  • Terpenes: Sweet and fruity.
  • Indica dominance.
  • climatic zone: temperate/continental.

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Caramellow Kush Autoflowering is a feminized variety with 75% indica / 25% sativa parental ancestry. Flowering ends in about 55 to 70 days from the initial signs of the pistils.

Its compact growth fills the internodal space with large buds covered in trichomes. Caramellow Kush Autoflowering is a high-yielding plant with a sweet and fruity terpene profile.

It brings together two top-notch exotic lines, Gorilla and Zkittles Autoflowering, and blends them together to create something magical.

Grow Caramellow Kush auto variety 

Caramellow Kush is an autoflowering variety, which is evident when looking at the compact and short character of this plant. Growers will appreciate the sturdy side branches, so common with indica strains, that support this strain's large amount of buds. Due to the bushy and dense nature of Caramellow Kush Autoflowering, regular defoliation is recommended to increase airflow through the canopy.

Female pistils growing from the junctions of the upper branches indicate the beginning of the flowering period. This stage will last from 55 to 70 days. This plant has a medium stretching period. In general, Caramellow Kush Autoflowering seeds reach a final height of 80-100cm indoors. Outdoors, slightly larger plants can be observed, from 90 to 120 cm.

Caramellow Kush Autoflowering is highly productive in a variety of mediums, including soil, coco, hydroponics, and living soil. Abundant yields can be obtained, up to 550 grams per m² indoors. Outdoors, growers have successfully harvested up to 450 grams per plant. Autoflowering strains are great for increasing the number of annual harvests outdoors.

Features Caramellow Kush autoflowering

Caramellow Kush Autoflowering genetics grow into a spectacular plant that often boasts the coveted fragrances and effects of high-end indica strains. While these effects may be reminiscent of Gorilla's lineage, the taste gravitates heavily towards Zkittles Auto's influence.

When the workday is done and it's time to relax safely, the effects of Caramellow Kush Autoflowering deliver. At first, a warm tingling wave of energy travels from head to toe as the physical high sets in and a sense of relaxation calms the body. The muscles begin to feel looser, and the general tension calmly disappears. Caramellow Kush Autoflowering is considered to be a great choice after a physically demanding workout.

During the vegetative stage, indoors and around the aromas are subdued. As Caramellow Kush Autoflowering matures, the fragrances given off by this plant become more apparent. Odors are generally mild, but air filtration systems can be used if the grower wants to contain the scent.

Caramellow Kush Autoflowering presents a beautiful mix of terpenes equally inherited from its parental lines. The terpenes typical of Gorilla genetics manifest themselves in the form of earthy and woody aromas. Sharing the stage are the intoxicatingly sweet and fruity scents of Zkittles influence, and hints of refreshing pinene.


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