Do you have doubts on how to apply the nutrients of Madame Grow?

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Do you want advice on how to treat your plant in each phase of the cycle?

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Do you want to know how to increase your harvest with the best fertilizers or ecological fertilizers in the market?

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Check our section of FAQs and Irrigation and cultivation tables, an if you do not see it crearly, don not hesitate, get in tn touch with Doctor Grow, an expert from our team Will advise you anda accompany you throughout the process of your plant.

How many phases does the cycle of my plants have?

In MADAME GROW® we make things easier for you, we detail and simplify perfectly the development phases of your plant, in this way:

Root / Growth, from week 0 to week 4 approximately, we call weeks 3-4 pre- bloom, depending on the plant, when you see the first symptoms that it will begin, when the first organs, buttons or bouquets are appreciated flowers.

Bloom, is when your plant leaves progressively to grow producing a stretch in the first weeks and beginning to produce flowers/buds. This state/category, we subdivide it into phases, which can be framed also the previous and the subsequent state/category:

Bloom: It is when the first hairs begin to appear, where then the buds will appear so it is advisable to induce, stimulate and potentiate the flowering from this moment, to increase the production later.

Flowering Phase I, Power Flower & Production Increase: When you plant you need more phosphorus and potassium to enhance and increase flowering.

Bud&Flavor, as it is indicated, is when the buds begin to get fat, and surely the plant has stopped growing, devoting all its energy to the production and fattening of buds. As a continuation to flowering, and within this state we detail the necessary nutrients for this important moment of your therapeutic plant plant:

Flowering Phase II, Big Buds & Fattening: It is when your plant needs more potassium as well as other nutrients to produce more resin and therefore heavier buds, also depending on the products you use, you can take advantage of it to improve the flavor of your plants. therapeutic plant or hemp.

At the end of the cycle, when you stop supplying nutrients to your plants to provide them with water with a balanced PH, it is recommended that it be two weeks before harvest to remove the salts and minerals from the soil.



How to use organic fertilizers or fertilizers for the cultivation of PLANTS?

In each bottle, there is a standard NPK, these 3 letters are followed by 3 numbers.

These letters correspond to the 3 main and important nutrients for the plants: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K).

The numbers that follow correspond to the ratio of these elements between one and the other, being better for the growth those that have more Nitrogen, and less PK, and being better for the flowering those that own major proportion of Phosphorus and Potassium.

When to use fertilizers to grow plants on land?

The use and dosage of nutrients will vary according to the state of life in which the plant is located. For plants, small concentrations reduced and for plants large concentrations of fertilizer.

The soil may contain a certain amount of nutrient, so you will have to wait a few days, not many, before adding a liquid nutrient Madame Grow:

Approximately 3 to 7 days after a transplant (or germination) in light soil.

Without the help of liquid nutrients get good crops in a pot using only the earth will be impossible, so we will have to use a large amount of land, and very enriched, so that the plant does not lack nutrients.

How to dose fertilizers for growing plants?

You can use the nutrition programs, provided by Madame Grow. These nutrition programs are indicative, they will have to be adapted for each plant since each individual has a different appetite and assimilation of nutrients. The dosages may vary according to the culture conditions. Excesses can appear quickly, be careful not to overdo it!

It is advisable, as a general rule, to always use products with a gradual dosage going from less to more.

Start with a low dosage

Increase progressively every week, up to the maximum dosage

Gradually decrease this dosage, until you stop using the product

In any case, the most important thing is to observe the plants to identify possible signs of excess or deficiencies. These are described in a series of articles on the nutrition of indoor and outdoor plants. Being attentive to the needs of plants is always more efficient than following a nutrition program unconditionally.

Fertilizers or natural fertilizers or minerals for growing plants on land?

These two types of nutrients are very efficient, but for soil cultivation, we generally recommend using a range of organic fertilizers, which provides a better taste quality, thanks to the composition rich in sugars, organic acids, humic acids and other natural ingredients very appreciated by medicinal plants.

Organic nutrients come from the living world (vegetable or animal), while mineral nutrients are derived from the chemical industry, or from the exploitation of phosphate or potassium veins.

All the nutrients of Madame Grow are 100% organic.

Nutrient or organic fertilizer or mineral?

The main difference in utilization between organic (bio) nutrients and mineral (chemical) nutrients is that organic nutrients first need to be broken down by the microbial life of the soil into minerals assimilated by the plant, while the mineral nutrients are composed of salts directly assimilated by the plant, without going through the microbial route.

There are also bio-mineral nutrients, which contain an organic part and a mineral part. In this case, it is more of a business reason than real innovation.

The mineral nutrients are more quickly assimilated than the organic nutrients which are slower to diffuse. In terms of performance, when both are well used, these two types of fertilizers can offer excellent results.

To get the most out of the fertilizers, the organic nutrients can be accompanied by a beneficial microbial life. This will significantly increase the assimilation of nutrients from the roots, protecting them against the attacks of bacteria and pathogenic fungi.


How do I keep Madame Grow products?

All our products are perfectly preserved at room temperature as long as they are kept in the original container.

Should I mix Madame Grow products with water?

It is obvious, but we also tell you, our products are Super Concentrated, so you have to mix them with water according to the detailed quantities for each type of product.

It is advisable not to mix them together, that is to say, for each container of irrigation water to pour a single product.

Try not to leave more than one day the fertilizer and water thistle mixed so that the properties of the products are not weakened.

Can I mix Madame Grow products with other brands?

All Madame Grow products are designed to meet the cycle of the plant and are quite complete, if you want to use other products from other brands at the same time, contact us about their compatibility or be attentive to the compositions so as not to load your plants, in principle and in appropriate doses, the nutrients of Madame Grow, being 100% organic are not incompatible with other products if we do not over-fertilize the plants.

Are fertilizers or fertilizers from Madame Grow recommended for plants that are not therapeutic plant or hemp?

Yes, although our fertilizers are specifically designed for therapeutic plant or hemp, it can also be used for any type of indoor domestic plant as well for horticultural crops, strawberry and berry fruit, citrus fruits, pip fruit, olive trees, vineyards, ornamentals, industrial crops , etc., although without a doubt both in therapeutic plant or hemp, as well as in similar plants such as hemp, flax, cotton, is where their multiple and magnificent properties will act the most.



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