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Lockdown Kush Feminized

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Lockdown Kush, is a feminized variety, with a sativa predominance. With San Fernando Valley OG ancestry crossed with Afghani #1. Its powerful flowers produce whole body effects.

  • Feminized.
  • Short flowering stage.
  • Robust structure.
  • Terpenes: Very powerful, nuances of pine, black pepper.
  • Taste: aroma of citrus and pine.
  • Sativa dominance.
  • Cultivation in outdoor or indoor gardens, even in cold climates.
  • Perfect to unwind after a hard day's work.

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Lockdown Kush Feminized is packed with thick, compact flowers covered in trichomes. Its multiple tails form a thick canopy that rises above the large, broad lower leaves.

Progeny of two very potent parents, Lockdown Kush gets you to the finish line faster thanks to an explosive flowering period of around 55-60 days.

Sharp and refreshing citrus aromas hit the nose first, followed by a shot of spicy pine terpenes. The effects start being cerebral and then go down to the body. This variety is attractive to almost everyone.

Cultivate variety Lockdown Kush

Lockdown Kush Feminized is a sativa-dominant strain, but its 40% indica heritage is clearly manifested in the plant's morphology, which features a full growth structure with robust branches like many elite indica strains. . Also typical of indica strains, Lockdown Kush features large digitate leaves, and their size can create microclimates within the canopy. To avoid these microclimates and open the buds to direct exposure to light, this strain benefits from regular defoliation.

Feminized strains are bred specifically for those gardeners who don't want to do male plant identification and selection. Lockdown Kush genetics are a feminized strain, which means gardeners will only get female plants from them. However, the length of the vegetative period is controlled by the grower. Once Lockdown Kush Feminized enters the flowering stage, it takes 55-60 days for the abundant and beautiful buds to be ready for harvest.

From the time the seedling peeks out of the ground to harvest, Lockdown Kush Feminized is a plant that grows steadily. The only exception is found in the middle stretch that it goes through during the beginning of flowering. Lockdown Kush ends up being a medium sized plant. Indoor gardeners see heights of 100-150cm, with outdoor growers reaching heights of over 150cm.

The compact nature of Lockdown Kush Feminized makes her an ideal candidate for grow tent gardeners with low ceilings. The short internodal spacing results in a bushy, dense plant that produces multiple colas supported by sturdy branches. Lockdown Kush Feminized yields hover around 450 grams per m2 indoors, while outdoor growers see 550 grams or more per plant. In general, experienced growers can achieve an average yield of high quality buds.

Lockdown Kush Feminized produces buds worthy of being featured on social media. The thick buds form large colas that are surprisingly dense when handled. The swollen green calyxes are almost hidden by a thick layer of sticky trichomes and amber pistils. The buds of Lockdown Kush will surely arouse admiration for their beauty even among the most demanding cannabis connoisseurs.

Lockdown Kush Characteristics

Lockdown Kush Feminized is a 60% sativa strain. The sativa characteristics clearly show up in the aromas, flavors and effects. In many ways, the sativa lineage plays a dominant role, but these traits don't entirely mask the influences of the 40% indica heritage.

The effects of Lockdown Kush Feminized begin with a mild euphoric feeling, which can help take some of the daily worries off the user's mind. The uplifting nature of the start is the most identifiable sativa influence on the overall effects. Passing the initial phase of euphoric high, the mental space settles into a calm and contemplative place, while the indica influence begins to work its magic on the body. Soon after, users are treated to a relaxing full-body high that, in some cases, can dispel minor aches and pains.

Lockdown Kush Feminized is an attractive-smelling plant at the end of its development, and during the growth stages, the aroma remains minimal, with slight citrus notes. Indoor growers may want to consider air filtering if privacy is a priority. In general, the aromas that escape from the grow room are not as prominent as the gassy or skunky terpenes found in some marijuana gardens.

Once the flowers have dried and cured properly, Lockdown Kush's aromas kick up a notch. The astringent and robust citrus terpenes that make you tear up come directly to you. Traversing the bouquet of secondary aromas, spicy pine terpenes arrive. The moist and earthy terpenes of Lockdown Kush's indica lineage are a more subtle yet prominent part of the aromatic equation.


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