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Malibu OG Gold, is a feminized variety, with an indica predominance. It is characterized by its sticky purple buds and great yields. With a mix of 60% indica and 40% sativa genetics, this strain is harvested in 45-55 days.

  • Feminized.
  • Indica/sativa hybrid.
  • Top floor.
  • Medium flowering period.
  • High performance.
  • Climatic zone: sunny / Mediterranean.

Available packages of 5 Units.✔ 



Malibu OG Gold is considered a daytime strain that increases motivation, improves mood, and allows you to focus on tasks.

This variety is suitable for many growing styles and for growers of all levels. Our new Malibu OG Gold strain is a true delight in any garden and a euphoric pick-me-up for any gardener who approaches her.

Cultivate Malibu OG Gold variety

Malibu OG Gold Feminized is a slightly indica-dominant strain. This is evident in the large fan-shaped leaves and the robust structure that supports the weight of the massive buds. The sativa influence is manifested in the final height of the plants. Although similar, a trained eye can detect all four phenotypes resulting from this cross. Malibu OG Gold has medium nodal spacing, but light defoliation is often recommended to expose the larger fan leaf covered areas of the buds.

This Malibu OG Feminized allows the grower to not have to worry about the problem of inadvertent pollination. Malibu OG Gold has a short flowering cycle, typically lasting 45-55 days. This makes it easier for growers to get more harvests per year if managed correctly.

It is a plant with constant growth in both the vegetative and flowering stages, and it is common for it to grow rapidly during the initial phase of flowering. Malibu OG Gold reaches a good height thanks to the sativa influence in the genetics. Inherited indica traits prevent stretching and minimize side branch spacing. Indoors, this variety is tall, reaching more than 120 cm. Outdoors, it can reach more than 200 cm in height.

Malibu OG Gold is a high yielding plant in a variety of mediums including soil, coco, hydroponics and live soils. With minimal effort, large yields can be obtained indoors, averaging 450-500 grams per m2. Outdoors, with the right climate, yields of up to 600 grams per plant are recorded.

Features Malibu OG Gold

Malibu OG Gold displays both indica and sativa influences in terpene profile and flavor. Open containers with dried flowers quickly fill the room with their scent. The earthy tones are inherited from the indica side, while the sweetness probably comes from the sativa influence. The pleasant air that surrounds the Malibu OG Gold moves directly to the palate.

It's important to stay motivated throughout the day, and Malibu OG Gold doesn't slow you down one bit. Many reports suggest that this strain provides that feeling. With a calming yet euphoric high, Malibu OG Gold is great for focusing on the task at hand. This strain paves the way to happy days and lazy evenings.

Malibu OG Gold Feminized seeds bloom with a powerful terpene profile, with an earthy, musky character and sweet contrast. Home growers should keep in mind that the scent of the flowering plant is very intense, so proper air filtration is needed to maintain privacy. Earthy and musky odors are especially strong during this period, which can be a problem if left untreated.

After harvesting and curing the plant, sweet notes appear that accompany a classic indica terpene profile. Malibu OG Gold's flavor also displays a rewarding mix of deep and earthy tones. A sharp but subtle musky undertone is added to the earthy palette. Combined with hints of sweetness that complete the overall flavor, Malibu OG Gold shows what good genetics and breeding can achieve.


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