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AK 420 Feminized

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Ak 420, is a feminized variety, with indica and sativa predominance. It is a White Label Seeds own version of the famous AK-47.

  • Feminized.
  • Indica/sativa hybrid.
  • flowering period. From 50 to 60 days.
  • Strong and aromatic.
  • High performance.
  • Terpenes: Exotic fruits, flowers and pine
  • Climatic zones: sunny / Mediterranean.
  • Tall tall plant.
  • Buds with light and airy structure.

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AK-420, or AK420 Feminized, crosses Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghan landrace strains into a wonderful new proposition for your garden, featuring a complex terpene profile of exotic fruit, floral, and pine notes.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation, it allows you to obtain great results regardless of the level of experience. Many artistic personalities have enjoyed the cerebral and creative vibes offered by AK-420 Feminized.

Cultivate variety AK 420

AK-420 Feminized is a sativa-dominant strain and it shows in the open structure of the buds, while the indica genetics are more apparent in the morphology. The AK-420 grows to a medium size with bushy foliage. With medium-sized internodal spacing and a large number of leaves, common in indica varieties, this variety supports regular defoliation aimed at improving airflow in the crown.

As AK-420 by White Label Seeds comes feminized, there is no need to worry about male plants taking up precious space in the garden. Thanks to her fast flowering stage of 50-65, it is possible to get more than one harvest a year.

AK-420 Feminized ends up being a plant of medium height. Indoors she can grow to 80-140cm and gardeners can be rewarded with yields of 450-500g/m². Outdoor growers can expect a bit more height and have reported yields of over 550 grams per plant.

Bud formation takes place all over the branches of this medium sized plant. Removing some of the excess undergrowth to expose the bud areas during flowering helps the formation of large, lime green buds. Large numbers of bright orange pistils appear on the open, structured buds. Complemented by a fine layer of diamond-shaped trichomes, the feminized AK-420 is an attractive specimen to behold.

Features AK 420

AK-420 Feminized is a 35% indica / 65% sativa plant made up of a complex profile of flavonoids and terpenes. The overall effects of this strain lean towards the sativa side, and have been described as predominantly cerebral and uplifting. However, the AK-420 also adds a cozy sense of relaxation to the everyday. Not only is she a great strain for outdoor activities, but AK-420 feminized is known to spark the creative and artistic imagination.

AK-420 Feminized genetics are an excellent example of how a plant's terpene profile can change through different stages of growth. In the vegetative phase, this variety maintains a fairly low profile. Once the flowering stage has begun, growers should be prepared to welcome the pungent scents emanating from within the garden. The strong aromas composed of floral notes will fill the environment and its surroundings. Most gardeners prefer to have adequate air filtration systems.

The dried and cured flowers take on a complex cocktail of terpenes representing the indica and sativa lineage. AK420 enters the nose with an intense aroma, traditionally indica, with deep and earthy notes. When a layer is removed, fresh pine aromas rise to the surface. Then, the sativa influence intervenes with sweet and citrus notes. All of these scents are combined and rearranged into a wonderful aroma of sandalwood, spices, caramel and coffee.

It has a strong narcotic effect, it is not a strain for beginners, due to its high intensity.


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