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Snow Ryder, is an autoflowering variety of White Label, with Indica predominance. 75% indica and 25% sativa, very easy to grow. Its name comes from the shiny, ice-like resin that forms on top of the buds.

  • Feminized.
  • Indica.
  • compact plant.
  • Short flowering period.
  • Terpenes: Sweet with citrus hints, moist earth note.
  • Medium performance.
  • Height between 90 and 120 cm, can be lower indoors.

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Snow Ryder Autoflowering by White Label gets its name from the spectacular resin that forms on top of the abundant buds, which looks similar to ice.

She is compact and easy to grow indoors, making her suitable for those who don't have a lot of space. She's 75% indica, and it shows in the high, a full body stone. However, it also has that uplifting sativa touch. The aroma is pleasant, earthy and spicy, with a touch of citrus sweetness.

Grow Snow Ryder variety 

White Label's Snow Ryder Automated genetics are 75% indica, with sativa and ruderalis genetics thrown into the mix. This results in a variety that is compact and easy to grow. The high it causes is deep, intense, encompassing the entire body.

This is an autoflowering version, which means that flowering starts at a predetermined time, regardless of the light cycles used. This makes growing much easier, as there is no uncertainty about when the plants will enter the flowering period. This normally lasts between 55 and 65 days, slightly longer than other autoflowering strains. However, the vegetative stage is short, which means that the total life cycle is not too long.

As with many indica-dominant strains, Snow Ryder Autoflowering is relatively compact. Normally, the plants do not exceed 120 cm in height, no matter indoors or outdoors. This value can be further reduced indoors if necessary. Some growers claim that they have managed to limit the growth of the plant to just 40 cm. However, it is important to say that this is not a dwarf marijuana strain.

White Label Snow Ryder plants are stocky in appearance and somewhat stocky, which is normal for indica-dominant strains. The internodes are close to each other, and the flowers have a unique crystallized appearance, as if they are frozen. They are often white, but can sometimes be amber in color.

For an autoflowering variety, Snow Ryder offers good yields. When grown indoors, it is not uncommon for plants to produce around 450 grams per square meter. Outdoors, yields are less bountiful, but growers can expect around 200 grams per plant if harvested before the start of September.

Features Snow Ryder

Snow Ryder Autoflowering by White Label is 75% indica, and this strong genetics is immediately noticeable upon consumption. Despite being an autoflower, this strain is capable of producing a fairly powerful high that is relaxing and calming. Users report that it causes a feeling of calm and well-being, both in the body and in the mind. However, she also has a certain uplifting edge coming from the sativa influence.

As it grows, the plants produce a sweet, citrus-tinged aroma with hints of moist earth. Once the buds are harvested, the smell strengthens, becoming more spicy in tone. Users typically notice a citrus flavor coupled with the pungent earthy flavor.


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