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  • Vegetal Bioplant / Madame Grow presents one of the best technological lighting solutions for your grow cabinet, Quantum Board LED RG Series by Nanolux Full Spectrum + UV & IR, balanced equipment with the best development on the market.
  • Manufactured with the latest generation Samsung LM301D LED plates and developed with a Nanolux MAC-150 driver, it ensures a uniform crop with great performance.
  • This series is IPS65 certified against splashes, humidity and dust.
  • Adjustable parameters and intensity, from 20 to 100%.
  • 3-year warranty, production of up to 2 grams per Watt.
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It is a board where small, high-efficiency LEDs are soldered. These plates are in turn screwed to a heat dissipating panel, so they do not need any type of assisted ventilation, so they are completely silent. These boards are powered by a transformer called a "driver" and its power will vary depending on the number of leds that the board contains.



Samsung offers a wide selection of LEDs with different spectrums and provides a simulation tool to integrate them. An optimal spectrum for specific crops can be designed by considering different photosynthetic pigments and photoreceptors.


Samsung is committed to providing industry-leading high-efficacy LEDs and continuing to develop more innovative technologies. The number of LEDs can be significantly reduced and the lighting energy cost is greatly saved by using high-efficacy LEDs.


The spatial distribution of the diodes determines a better heat dissipation. Distribution of the LEDs along a larger surface, similar to that of cultivation. This leads to a more homogeneous distribution of light with much higher efficiency for the same LEDs under the same environmental conditions, and in turn, more points of light, therefore, more concentration of photons on more surface.


The Quantum Board Nanolux equipment has the possibility, thanks to its LAN ports located in the DIMMER, to connect and control up to 10 Quantum Board Nanolux equipment, you can regulate the power of all the equipment in an easy and fast way, (LAN port and cable included in your purchase)


Depending on whether we want to use a Quantum Board LED for the maintenance of mother plants or for a complete cycle of growth and flowering, the power that we must choose will be different.

Recommended watts per crop size for full cycle:

  • 60×60 cabinet: 150w
  • 80×80 cabinet: 150w / 320 w
  • 100×100 cabinet: 150w / 320w
  • 120×120 cabinet: 480w

If we only want to keep mother plants or reproduce cuttings, we can use a much lower power. It is worth remembering that this type of LED screen incorporates an adjustable driver, so we can raise or lower the power and consumption of the panel at will.


  • 2x Pulleys
  • 1xAdapter
  • 1x Quantum Board Nanolux 320w
  • 1x LAN (To connect other equipment Quantum Board Max 10 equipment in-line)


The NANOLUX Quantum Board is the new generation of high performance LED grow lights, combining a MAC150 driver with a LM301D LED chip, specifically designed to meet the lighting requirements of indoor horticulture, they are the perfect lighting solution for greenhouses or culture chambers.

Features like built-in UV and infrared lights allow you to further customize your grow room, providing optimal light spectrums that give you a bigger and more satisfying harvest.

Light spectrum

When it comes to the sun, most people think of it as a fiery ball of radiation that we need to protect ourselves from.

However, that is only a small part of the solar production.

In fact, the sun emits a wide variety of energy, including gamma rays, X-rays, ultraviolet light, visible light, and even radio waves.

Life on Earth is only possible thanks to the ozone layer which blocks this radiation. This filtering allows wavelengths between 300 and 2500nm to reach our plants, and only a portion of this light is visible.

The visible spectrum is a part of the light spectrum, and goes from 380nm to about 750nm.

180-280nm - UVC: Extremely harmful, although luckily it is absorbed almost entirely by the ozone layer.

280-315nm – UVB: Causes skin burns and is believed to increase the resin level in some plants.

315-400nm – UVA: Not absorbed by the atmosphere, commonly known as black light.

380-750nm – Visible light spectrum: The bands of each wavelength represent the visible colors.

700nm-1mm – Infrared Light: Invisible above 750nm, but noticeable as heat on the skin.

The ultraviolet light spectrum affects crucial aspects in metabolites that determine the color, flavor or aroma of the fruits, the tolerance to pests and diseases, the morphology of the plant (robustness, size).

Scientists conclude that if you illuminate with the Red spectrum (600 to 700 nm) and in combination with the far Red spectrum (700 to 800 nm), the photosynthetic value will be higher and consequently you will obtain better results both in optimizing time and in the development and production of flowers in your plant.

The Led Quantum Board Nanolux


In-LINE Technology Multiple Connection

The Quantum Board Nanolux equipment has the possibility, thanks to its LAN ports located in the DIMMER, to connect and control up to 10 Quantum Board Nanolux equipment. You will be able to regulate the power of all the equipment in an easy and fast way, (LAN port and cable included in your purchase)

Efficiency of Led Quantum Board Nanolux

Micromoles per Joule

The industry standard for measuring grow light efficiency is micromole per watt (sometimes written as umol/j, μmol/j, umolj -1, or PPF/W), that means for every watt of electrical power produces a certain number of micromoles of photons.

A range of highly efficient LED equipment is 1.5 μmol/j and up (this number is constantly improving). Many efficient LED kits are low wattage and as a buyer, you may have to choose whether you are looking for efficiency or intensity, because sometimes one can be traded off for the other.

The HPS (high pressure sodium) lights of the best brands are around 1.7 μmol/j, the Nanolux Quantum Board Equipment achieves 2.77 umols/J just under double the sodium.

High-end sodium: 1.7 μmol/J

Quantum Board Nanolux: 2.7 μmol/J


Energy power

This measure is expressed by the energy consumption of its Quantum Board Nanolux panel in Watts. The number of modules soldered to the board and the power value that each of these consumes is added, giving us the energy consumption of the Quantum Board panel in watts, in this way we can determine the nominal power value of our equipment.

The Quantum Board Nanolux equipment has nominal powers ranging from 150 watts, 320 watts, and 480 watts, and can be connected to each other serially with up to 10 equipment with the same characteristics, thus giving us the possibility of controlling all the equipment from a single panel, either on, off and power delivered.

All Nanolux Quantum Board Equipment are Dimmable, that is, you can control their nominal power to save energy, depending on the state and life time of your plants.

Output power

PPF (Photosynthetic Photon Flux) measures the total amount of light produced by a grow light in terms of micromoles of photons produced per second. This is an important number because, unlike PPFD (which will be explained below), it cannot be manipulated and tells you the total amount of light that is coming from the LED equipment.

PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) measures the number of micromoles of photons reaching one square meter per second (often written as umol/m2/s, μmol/m2/s.

The sun in summer, at noon, in full light, delivers around 2000 μmol/m2/s.

However, what your plants actually need is much less than that. In fact, because the intensity of the sun is so bright for a small part of the day, and because the angle of that intensity changes throughout the day, it is very likely that you will damage your plant in such light for an extended period of time.

A 'light response curve' shows how effectively a plant uses light at different intensities.

Depending on the plant, at levels above 600-1000 μmol/m2/s, the efficiency that a plant uses light begins to decrease.

That is, you can provide your plant with more light than this, but you may not see much of a change in the result unless you apply co2.


  • Output power: 320W.
  • Light output PPF: 860 µmol/s.
  • Efficiency: 2.70 µmol/J.
  • Light distribution: 120°.
  • Dimming: Manual dimming: (20% ~ 100%).
  • Input voltage: AC110V-277V.
  • Input frequency: 50/60Hz.
  • Mounting height: 8"- 24" (20-60cm) above canopy.
  • Operating temperature: 0°C~35°C.
  • Operating humidity: 0~95%.
  • Power factor: > 0.97.
  • Requirement of installment Comply with ETL/FCC/CE/EAC certificate.
  • Lifetime: L90 > 50,000hrs.
  • IP rating: IP65.
  • Product weight: 2.8Kg.
  • Product dimensions 650x386x46mm
  • Warranty: 3 years standard warranty


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