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Mitical Haze Autoflowering


Mitical Haze autoflowering is a strain with rapid growth and great production, very large, heavy, resinous and compact buds. It is resistant to pests and fungi as it develops very quickly.

  • Feminized autoflowering.
  • PSI 10-15%.
  • Easy cultivation.
  • Sativa predominant.
  • Earthy terpenes and incense.
  • Outdoor harvest 200g per plant.
  • Harvest indoors 500g per m2.
  • Height from half to one and a half meters.
  • Powerful effect and intense scents.
  • Taste is sweet and incense.

Available packages of 5 Units or 10 Units✔ 

Units.: 5 units.


Mitical Haze is a feminized autoflowering variety, with characteristics of a sativa plant, with fast and vigorous growth. Thanks to this genetics we will develop a very heavy production plant.

It is one of the most productive autoflowering strains out there. It is characterized by having numerous branches and very short internodes, which means that the buds grow at an amazing speed.

It is valid for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, where it can express its maximum potential.

Grow Mitical Haze strain outdoors

Outdoor cultivation with Mitical Haze is a highly recommended option because it grows up to 1.5m and develops large buds. If it is planted in a large pot or solid ground, when it grows its size will make you doubt if it is an autoflowering or not.

The growth phase is short, it is usually about 21 days, then it will be 2 months flowering. Being able to harvest about 200g of dry weight per plant. Something not very normal in autoflowering. They are voluminous but not very compact buds, that is if they have a lot of resin, which gives it a lot of category.

Outdoor harvest is usually ready in about 95 days from germination.

Due to their rapid growth, pests and fungi cannot develop, so they are very resistant.

Grow Mitical Haze indoors

To grow indoors, we must start with a lot of light, between 18 and 20 hours of light for the growth phase and only 4 to 6 hours of darkness. In this way we will ensure that the plant develops at its maximum splendor.

The duration from germination to flowering is usually 12 weeks.

Be careful not to plant in large pots indoors, as the plant grows a lot and we may have space problems. Indoor planters that are from 5 to 10 liters maximum.

We can get a good harvest of approximately 600 dry grams of incense buds, in just three months.

Characteristics Mitical Haze

It is a powerful strain and resistant to climatic changes. With a cultivation process that demands the new generations of autoflowering genetics.

The Sativa/Indica ratio is 70/30% respectively.

Height in indoor cultivation: 0.50-0.60m approx. is its smallest measure. 1.0m approx. is its largest size.

Sweet and incense flavor, like the vast majority of the Haze family. Its smoke leaves a lasting and intense aroma in the air.

It has a powerful effect, similar to that of a Jack Herer, it produces a fast, happy high, highly recommended to share with friends.


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